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Joining Us and Moving On

The Oaklands Centre provides for pupils in KS1 and KS2 who are at, or close to, mainstream age related academic expectations, but have experienced significant social communication barriers in the mainstream classroom environment.

All pupils are placed at The Oaklands Centre by the Local Authority. Each pupil has an Education and Health Care Plan which formally names The Oaklands Centre in Section I. It is not possible to access a centre placement via a mainstream school place. The base does not offer 'dual roll' placements with other settings.

The Oaklands Centre has the following agreed entry criteria:

  • The primary need of the pupils will be their autism and social communication difficulties. In exceptional cases, pupils may still be on the diagnostic pathway, but with clear evidence that autism-specific strategies meet the pupil’s needs. This must be agreed by both parties.
  • Pupils will not be placed if considered to have global development delay or global learning difficulties. Pupils will not have SEMH or complex challenging behaviour which is resistant to change as their primary need.
  • Pupils may have a ‘spikey profile’ which leads to some specific areas of significant delay.
  • Pupils will be on an academic trajectory, which clearly suggests that the pupil will benefit from an age-appropriate mainstream curriculum. Pupils will be able to benefit from opportunities to integrate into a mainstream classroom for at least some curriculum activity.
  • Pupils will be able to access and benefit from working in a small class of up to 8 pupils, and they will have the capacity to benefit from social inclusion in a mainstream provision/school.
  • Pupils will not, on an ongoing and persistent basis, require segregation (1:1 in an individual room) in order to learn or allow others to learn. Pupils will not require ongoing, full-time 1:1 support in order to be safe or ensure the safety of other pupils and staff in school due to complex challenging behaviour which is resistant to change.
  • Pupils are not generally placed at The Oaklands Centre as their first placement upon starting school and the centre does not make provision for the EYFS curriculum. Pupils diagnosed with autism prior to starting school would be expected to attend their catchment school or, where significant need is already evidenced and EHCP in place, a Special School.

Only in very exceptional circumstances would a placement be offered to begin at Year 6 due to the proximity of Year 7 transition.