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At Oaklands, children explore History as detectives and work like historians. Children use a range of enquiry skills which supports them to formulate informed decisions based on the past. They have a clear understanding of the chronology of British history and that of the wider world.

We create aspiring and knowledgeable historians, allowing our children to progress through education and beyond with confidence.


History is brought to life through field trips, visitors and artefacts, allowing our children to experience what life was like in the past. Our children have opportunities to immerse themselves in the period of history though acting and role-play. They make comparisons between events in the past and how these relate to life today.

In Key Stage 1, children develop an awareness of the past. They learn about significant individuals who have contributed to the world. Children also learn about significant historical events within their local area. Our pupils start their historical learning with events they are already familiar with, such as Guy Fawkes. Throughout Key Stage One, there is an overarching focus on British history.

In Key Stage 2, children develop an awareness of chronology. Starting with Stone Age Britain in Year 3, children develop a timeline of historical periods throughout the school journey. Our children gain an understanding of History in Britain, including a local study, as well as of history in the wider world.

Our children are given the opportunity to study a variety of primary and secondary sources, use enquiry skills, make predictions and build their historical knowledge. They learn about key historical events in Britain’s past and how they have shaped life today, as well as learning about historical civilisations and periods across the world.


Children at Oaklands will be able to:

  • Identify key dates in history and chronologically order key periods of time
  • Identify key facts about historical periods
  • Be able to use evidence to make judgements and present these
  • Have an understanding of the complexity of people’s lives during different periods of time
  • Draw on knowledge and skills to develop their understanding of changes within different time periods.
  • Understand the lasting impact of people in our past and how it has shaped today’s world.

History Long Term Plan

History Knowledge Builder

History Skills Progression