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Attendance and Timings


Oaklands School recognises that good attendance is vital for children to continue to progress well.

Research shows that low rates of attendance can adversely affect a child’s education and that poor attendance links strongly to underachievement not only in primary school but also by the end of secondary school and in GCSE exams.

We keep a careful check on the level of absence at school on a daily basis.

We track any pupils whose attendance falls below 96% and will want information regarding the reasons for absence.  

It is important, therefore, that we know if your child needs to be at home and the reasons why. We may also insist on medical proof.

If your child is unwell and will not be attending school, please use the attendance tile on our SZapp, or contact the school office by 9.15am on the day that your child is unwell.  They will pass the relevant information on to your child’s teacher.  

If we have not heard from you regarding your child’s absence, the school may contact you to check that all is well, and your child is safe.

There is further information regarding attendance on the government Website via this link:


Our school day is from 8:45 – 3:15 Monday to Friday (32.5 hours per week).

It is really important that your child arrives at school on time, so they feel settled with their friends ready to start the school day and do not miss important learning. 

We recommend that parents or carers walk children to and from school as parking near the school is very difficult.

On-site parking is only available for those attending the nursery, autism base and those in possession of a disabled 'blue badge' who have contacted the school to obtain permission.