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Autumn Term Topic Overview


We are learning simple greetings and numbers 1-6.


Year 1

We are learning greetings, numbers 1-10 and names of body parts, through a variety of songs and games.


Year 2

We are revising greetings, saying our name and numbers. We are learning words for colours and clothing, through a variety of songs and games. Click here to hear a song we are learning in class.


Year 3

We are learning to respond to questions about ourselves, like our name, age and saying how we feel.  Then we will learn names of classroom objects.


Year 4

We are learning days of the week, months and numbers to 31.  We will say the date and when our birthday is.  Click here to hear a song to learn the days of the week.


Year 5

We are learning words for a variety of sports and sports equipment. We will talk about our likes/dislikes and write about sports we play or do. Practise learning sports using this link:


Year 6

We are learning how to describe ourselves and talk about our family.  Practise learning words for family members with these games:



Keep practising words and phrases at home. Here are a few useful websites to practise your Spanish.