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Our Environment

The base is accommodated in one wing of the mainstream school. Each base class has its own self-contained suite of rooms and they share a safe, enclosed outdoor play area. 


The classrooms are very structured spaces with clearly demarcated areas for group work, individual work and relaxation. Each class has its own toilets and they share a kitchenette and cloakroom. Each classroom also has a safe de-escalation space to support any pupil who becomes overloaded and may want some personal space. 


The base is a deliberately 'low arousal' environment. We do not have any visually distracting displays inside the base and decor has been carefully chosen with sensory processing in mind. All of our spaces are clearly structured so that pupils can easily understand their function. Across the whole school, clutter and visual distraction are kept to an absolute minimum and spaces are clearly structured. 


Pupils in the base also have access to all of the school's facilities including the ICT Suite and Cookery Room. They benefit from the beautiful school grounds with regular access to Forest School and the adventure play structures.