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Key Stage 1 Reading

Enjoying books and reading stories from a very early age is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech, as well as being something they really enjoy.

Teachers and parents play a huge part in the development of reading skills in young children.

The more children experience books the more they will gain the interest and passion for them. Reading offers so much more than just quiet time in a cosy corner. It helps to develop spelling, listening, writing, literacy and social skills.

Young children need to be able to experience books; they need to be able to understand and enjoy stories, books, rhymes and songs and listen and respond to them with curiosity and enjoyment.


This will promote the value and pleasure of reading and encourage an interest in reading throughout school and in later life.


Key Stage 1 Reading Bands 


In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children will bring home books that are closely matched to their phonics teaching. Our book bands are used to group books from different reading schemes to indicate the reading level of each book.

Children will be sent home with a 'Phonics' book, that your child should independently read to you, as well as a 'Story' book that you can share together. Books are integrated into this unique scheme to provide a broader range of reading material to widen the reading experience and provide a high level of interest and engagement such as ‘Alpha-blocks’, Bug Club, Rigby Rockets, Songbirds, and Storyworlds. 


Your child’s reading is closely monitored and once your child has become a competent reader in each band they will progress to the next level.


At Oaklands we follow this system of books bands and phonic phases. We identify where the children should be at the end of the year to ensure all staff know the end goal.


Age Related Expectation (ARE)



End of EYFS




End of Yr 1




End of Yr 2 

Phonic Phase










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