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Additional Services

Staff at Oaklands work alongside other professionals and agencies to support the needs of individuals. These agencies/additional services include:


  • Educational Psychologist (Local Authority)
  • Educational Psychologist (Private)
  • Learning Support Advisory Teacher including support for specific learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia (Local Authority)
  • Social Emotional Mental Health Advisory Teachers (SEMH) (Local Authority)
  • South Somerset Partnership School – alternative provision and outreach work
  • SENATAS – Special Educational Needs Information Technology Advisory Service
  • Autism outreach –Autism, Language and Communication Team (Local Authority)
  • Physical Impairment and Medical Support team (PIMS) (Local Authority)
  • Hearing Support Team (Local Authority)
  • Vision Support Team (Local Authority)
  • Parent/Carer Forum (Local Authority)
  • Speech Therapist/ Therapy Assistants (NHS)
  • Physiotherapist (NHS)
  • Occupational Therapist (OT) including an Occupational Therapist who specialises in sensory modulation difficulties/ eating difficulties.(NHS)
  • Children with disabilities team
  • Specialist continence nurse / School nurse (NHS)
  • CAMHS (Child and Mental Health Service). Early Interventions team. (NHS)
  • Consultation Paediatricians and Specialist nurses e.g. Diabetes nurse (NHS)
  • Get Set
  • Access to sensory room resources - Oaklands Children’s Centre.
  • Short Breaks team (Local Authority)
  • TEAM TEACH training –a framework of skills, attitudes and knowledge to facilitate safe environments.
  • Interactive Protocol for dual placements
  • Parent Family Support Advisor (PFSA) – Fi Evans
  • Children’s Social Care