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Last term was busy raising funds to support the

School in a Bag – Piers Simon Appeal.


Lots of imaginative events happened towards the end of last term:

  • Piglets and Lambs have sold elderflower cordial and biscuits

  • Badgers and Bumblebees had an animal themed fancy dress day with face painting.

  • Caterpillars and Crickets had a cake sale

  • Dragonflies, Ducks, Foxes and Frogs had a Thai street fair

  • Hares, Hedgehogs, Kestrels and Kingfishers sold ice poles every Friday.


Representatives from the appeal came back into school the last week of term to help us pack the bags.  Once they were packed they were to be sent off to different children who are in need.  We were able to track the bags as they made their journey and we now know exactly where our bags end up.

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 With all the events that took place in the school we raised £445.61


Thank you for your support


School Council