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The Golden Mile! To support The London Marathon athletes, Badgers are trying to run a marathon over two weeks. We are counting our laps of the golden mile course, and as a class we hope to hit 26.2 miles!

Follow our bean experiment! We will be observing changes over time. Science question: How does light affect seed growth. One pot is sitting in the window, one is behind the bookshelf and one is inside a cupboard. Watch this page to find out how light affects the growth of our seeds.

Ninesprings Adventure! We had a wonderful day of exploration and investigation at Ninesprings,   We met the ranger who was called Becky and she told us all about the trees, birds and wildlife. We went for a woodland wander and explored the springs, lakes and waterfalls. We also learned about animal habitats. Did you know, Dinosaurs used to eat ferns which were as big as buses!

Maths Challenge Week. We mixed map reading with number bonds to 20, and solved Chinese Tangram puzzles.

After reading and writing about Oliver's fruit salad, we made our own fruit salads and wrote instructions for others to follow.

Trip to Gore Farm. A wonderful outdoor learning experience was had by all.

After writing the story of 'The Gruffalo', the children designed and built a Gruffalo Home.

Badgers and Hedgehogs swapped stories about their recent trips. It seems fun was had by all!