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Gore Farm Visit - 2CA

Caterpillar class had an amazing day at Gore Farm collecting natural objects such as leaves, cones, sticks and conkers to make pictures in the style of the artist, Andy Goldsworthy.

We searched for mini -beasts and mainly found millipedes and woodlice. We also found clues about other animals which live in the forest. We discovered the animal droppings of rabbits and a fox. We found nests high in the trees and holes in the ground which we think belonged to rabbits and badgers.

We had the opportunity to look at the skulls of different animals and we had to guess which animal they belonged to from the forest.

The children loved seeing the goats, turkeys, geese and cows and a great time was had squelching through the mud!!! A few wellies were lost in the process but the children had great fun.

Lunch on the hay bales was rather exciting as we shared the cattle shed with some rather noisy goats!